Information for customers under the terms and for the purposes provided for in Article 31 of the legal framework on insurance distribution, approved in annex to Law 7/2019 of 16 January.
Information Duties in Particular

MEDIBROKER - CORRETOR E CONSULTOR DE SEGUROS, S.A. was incorporated in 1979 and is headed by director António Manuel Marques das Neves.
The company is based at Rua Diogo Macedo, 114-3º Salas A e B 4400-107 Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)
Phone: +351 22 377 42 70
E-Mail address:
Identification card no: 501 108 530
Registered with the Oporto Commercial Registry Office
Share Capital: EUR 50.000,00

Intermediary duly authorised by the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority [Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões] for the marketing of Life and Non-Life products.
Insurance Broker Category and Registration No: 607246357 registered on 30/11/2007.
This registration can be consulted on the Internet site of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority.

MEDIBROKER does not hold any interest, whether direct or indirect, in the share capital of any insurance company.
No interest, whether direct or indirect, in the share capital of MEDIBROKER, is held by an insurance company or the parent company of any insurance company.

Under the terms of the law, MEDIBROKER has a Professional Civil Liability insurance contract with Fidelidade Mundial, guaranteeing up to a limit of EUR 1,924,560.00 per annuity and per claim for damage to property caused to third parties during the course of its insurance mediation activity.

MEDIBROKER is authorised to receive premiums for delivery to insurance companies.

MEDIBROKER's intervention does not end when the Insurance Contract is signed, but involves the provision of assistance throughout the term of the insurance contract. In particular follow-up of claims reported and in progress.

MEDIBROKER's Remuneration may consist of, (i) a commission included in the premium paid by the client to the insurance company where the contract is placed, (ii) charging the client directly for professional fees previously agreed upon, (iii) a combination of any of the above types of remuneration. The client has the right to request information about the remuneration that MEDIBROKER will receive for providing the insurance distribution service, and MEDIBROKER accordingly, shall provide such information. MEDIBROKER shall inform the client of the name of the insurance companies participating in the proposed contract.
MEDIBROKER acts on behalf of the client vis-à-vis the insurance companies.
MEDIBROKER can provide advice to the client, through a personalised recommendation that is tailor-made for the type of client, based on the information provided by the client and the complexity of the recommended insurance contract. MEDIBROKER’s advice, if provided, shall be based on an impartial and personal analysis of a diverse range of insurance contracts available on the market.
MEDIBROKER is under no contractual obligation to carry on the business of insurance distribution exclusively for one or more insurance companies.
MEDIBROKER does not legally cover risks; these risks are guaranteed by the insurance companies where they are placed.

MEDIBROKER further states that:
a) It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate and complete information and to answer the questions formulated in the Insurance Proposal. Missing or inaccurate information could lead to all or part of the risk cover being invalidated, or could prevent MEDIBROKER from providing advice on the most suitable contract.
b) Without prejudice to MEDIBROKER's information duties, the client must carefully read all the conditions of the insurance contract being entered into.


General information regarding the management of claims by MEDIBROKER – Corretor e Consultor de Seguros, S.A.

• Policyholders, insured parties, beneficiaries or injured parties may submit complaints to MEDIBROKER - Corretor e Consultor de Seguros, S.A., hereinafter referred to as MEDIBROKER, which has a Complaints Management Policy for this purpose;

• Under the terms of the laws and regulations in force, a complaint is defined as any manifestation of disagreement in relation to the position assumed, or dissatisfaction in relation to the services provided by it, or any allegation of possible non-compliance, presented by policyholders, insured parties, beneficiaries or injured parties.

Participations that are part of the contractual negotiation process, communications inherent to the claims settlement process and any requests for information or clarification shall not be considered as complaints.


How to make a complaint:

a) By sending an email to;

b) By letter, addressed to: MEDIBROKER – Corretor e Consultor de Seguros, S.A.a.c. João Manuel Cavacas NevesR. Diogo Macedo, 114 – 3º A e B4400-107 V. N. Gaia – Portugal;

c) By filling in the complaint sheet in the respective book, which can be found at all MEDIBROKER branches;

d) Complaints may also be made using the "electronic complaints book", which is available at the electronic address:

a) Written presentation;
b) Full name of the person making the complaint and, if applicable, of the person representing him/her;

c) Status of the person lodging the complaint, i.e. policyholder, insured party, beneficiary, injured third party, or the person representing him/her;
d) Contact details of the person making the complaint and, where applicable, of person representing him/her;
e) Identification document number of the person making the complaint;
f) Description of the facts that motivated the complaint, identifying the parties involved and the date on which the facts occurred, except where this is manifestly impossible;br /> g) Date and place of the complaint.


The complaint, which shall be acknowledged within 10 days of the date on which it is lodged, shall be replied to in writing within a maximum period of 30 days from receipt, following the minimum requirements indicated in the previous point. This period for response may be extended for to 60 days in particularly complex cases.

MEDIBROKER reserves the right not to accept the complaint, under the terms of the regulations in force, whenever:

• Essential data is omitted that make the respective management unviable and has not been duly corrected;

• SIf the complaint concerns a matter that is within the competence of arbitral or judicial bodies, or a matter that is the object of a complaint that has already been resolved by those bodies;br />
• The complaint reiterates a previous complaint presented by the same party and in relation to the same matter, and which has already been responded to, except if it presents new facts;

• The complaint was not made in good faith or its content is described as vexatious.


Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF) [Supervisory Authority for insurance and pension funds in Portugal] Avenida da República, 761600-205 Lisboa – Portugal
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