MEDIBROKER is an Insurance Broker and Consultant, which started trading back in 1979.

We are an independent entity, composed of a team of professionals with vast in-depth training and extensive experience, geared towards innovation and customer service.

We work with all the market players, taking care of your insurance contracts from A to Z.

Notwithstanding, we only deal with insurance.

We operate from premises in Porto (V. N. Gaia), Guimarães and wherever else our services are needed.


Against a backdrop of growing competitiveness in all areas of
economic activity, offering and providing services with rigour and
competence is a requirement of the world in which we live.

We have been providing Insurance Programme management services since 1979,
always with the aim of adding value to companies and people
who choose MEDIBROKER.

Regardless of the size of your company, we are committed to
adapting our services to your specific needs
and the competitive market conditions.

We provide a close and attentive service. This is how we fulfil the mission
that motivates us:
- To ensure the present and the future of a sustainable relationship.
- To contribute to the soundness and success of client organisations.

Your success is our success.


At MEDIBROKER, we are specialists, qualified to identify the most relevant risks to which your company is exposed and provide you with solutions to safeguard your assets, people and liabilities.

MEDIBROKER keeps you informed about your insurance portfolio, and carries out market research to find out and obtain the best cost conditions and securities. We actively manage your contracts.
MEDIBROKER's commitment to its customers is one of a close relationship, in which your needs are closely monitored. Each company is assigned a dedicated relationship manager.
When you need your insurance broker the most, especially in the event of a claim, MEDIBROKER will help you with the all the necessary procedures, such as making the claim, inspecting the damage, getting quotes, and repairing the damage.

For MEDIBROKER, you and your company are unique.
We have the ideal insurance for you. Contact us